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  • The Chamber is offering a number of webinars to  help you navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

    All webinars begin at 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.



  • Upcoming Webinars:            

    We will share information about other webinars as they are scheduled.


    Previous "Securing Your Business" Webinars:

    Friday, June 19, 10 a.m. - Watch Here
    A Master Class with Sir David Adjaye - The Architect of the New Winter Park Library and Events Center - Sir David Adjay, OBE, RA, is widely considered the leading architect of his generation. With projects around the world, his largest and most prominent work is the $540 million Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. The New York Times called the opening of the center the Cultural Event of the Year in 2016.
    The city of Winter Park is very fortunate and honored that Adjaye has designed the new Winter Park Library and Events Center, now under construction. He also designed London’s Idea Store, which is credited with pioneering a new approach to library services.
    Sir David Adjaye, OBE, RA, Founder & Principle Architect, Adjaye Associates
    Betsy Gardner Eckbert, IOM, President & CEO, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
    Wednesday, June 10 - No Recording Available
    Taking Your Events Virtual: Are you ready to take your events off hold and host them via virtual programming? Would you like to schedule a customer-facing training session or a virtual town hall or forum but need some guidance on preparation, troubleshooting and etiquette? The Winter Park Chamber has hosted over 40 virtual sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic and will share not only step-by-step instructions but also tips and helpful techniques, all in an effort to help you produce a smooth presentation as you reconnect with your audiences.  Several organizations have asked us to share our best practices and we are delighted to offer this session more broadly. The fee is only $10 for this hour-long session.
    Amie Morgan, Associate Vice President of Programming, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
    Tiffany Cahill, Events Manager, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
    Monday, June 8 - Watch Here
    A Dog with a Job - How a pug went to work during a global pandemic: Hear from recent Relaunch graduate, Sarah Davey, as she shares her family’s journey of becoming social media famous through videos of their pug, Disco. She will explain what she has learned and share the next innovative steps her family is taking now that they have this platform.
    Speakers: Sarah & Steve Davey
    Friday, June 5 - Watch Here
    Presented by AdventHealth
    Good Morning Winter Park - Winter Park Public Library: The library has been more relevant than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to be a crucial resource as we re-open and re-build our economy. We can’t wait to see what dynamic assets they will deliver in the coming months. 
    Speaker: Sabrina Bernat, Executive Director, Winter Park Public Library
    Wednesday, June 3 – Watch Here
    Options To Help You Stay Healthy: Join us as we hear from Ashley Steiner, Owner of the Salt Room,, and Julie Wordell, Owner of Perspire Sauna Studio as they share tips, services and resources that will help you stay healthy.
    Ashley Steiner, Owner, The Salt Room
    Julie Wordell, Owner, Perspire Sauna Studio
    Monday, June 1 - Watch Here
    Presented by Orlando Health
    Winter Park Professional Women - Be Prepared & Manage Your Expectations​: WPPW gives women the opportunity to not only cultivate relationships with peers, but also hear from inspiring speakers. Topics include personal branding, business solutions, relevant community issues, sales techniques, and many more.
    Speaker: Christi Ashby, Editor & Publisher, Orange Appeal
    Wednesday, May 27 - Watch Here
    Getting (Safely) Back to Business: Recently, Orlando Health launched a new “Business Ready” initiative. They’ve pulled together their experts and hospital best practices and are now offering the business community resources on things like proper handwashing, surface cleaning, mask wearing, social distancing and more. Tune in to hear more about this initiative and how you can protect your business, clients and staff.
    Thibaut van Marcke, Senior Vice President, Orlando Health and President, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital
    Dr. Donald Plumley, Chief Quality Officer, Arnold Palmer Hospital
    Andy Gardiner, Senior Vice President, External Affairs and Community Relations
    Wednesday, May 20 - Watch Here
    Hot Seat Academy: Hear from Central Florida’s top entrepreneurs as they take on the hot seat and tell their story about building a successful business. This month’s Hot Seat Academy will feature Betsy and Jon Hughes, owners of Track Shack.
    Speakers: Betsy and Jon Hughes, Co-Owners, Track Shack
    Monday, May 18 - Watch Here
    Help Us Help You: Whether you are a member of the Chamber and want to learn how to better utilize your membership, a community member who would like to learn more about the Winter Park Chamber of commerce or just someone who has been following us on social media and wants to learn more, come join Betsy Gardner Eckbert, the Winter Park Chamber CEO/President as she speaks about community and the part that the Chamber plays in rebuilding Winter Park
    Speaker: Betsy Gardner Eckbert, President & CEO, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
    Thursday, May 14 - Watch Here
    Pandemics are stressful - Why careful planning can help you relax: A brief discussion about why you need to create an estate plan that includes decisions about healthcare and finances
    Speaker: Aimee Collins Hitchner, Attorney at Law, Swann Hadley Stump Dietrich & Spears, P.A.
    Tuesday, May 12 - Watch Here
    Managing Your Stress the Healthy Way: Stress is inevitable. You cannot stop it but you can learn how to react and manage it when it occurs in a healthy way. Research proves that unmanaged stress negatively impacts your physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Learn how to identify the warning signs of chronic stress while also discovering ways to cope. Join us as we hear from Jessica Daly, Consumer Health Librarian at Orlando Health as she addresses how to manage your stress the healthy way.
    Speaker: Jessica Daly, Consumer Health Librarian, Orlando Health
    Monday, May 11 - Watch Here
    Marketing Your Business in the COVID Age – The Economy is Reopening. Now What?: As the economy begins to reopen, businesses must re-think how they communicate with customers and prospects. How can you position yourself and your business in this new environment? What will customers demand before they visit, shop and dine again? Curley & Pynn President Dan Ward will walk through a series of steps businesses should consider as they revisit their marketing and communications strategies.
    Speaker: Dan Ward, President, Curley & Pynn
    Thursday, May 7 - Watch Here
    A Discussion with AdventHealth: AdventHealth’s Medical Director and the Director of Emergency Services will share important information about managing your non-COVID healthcare needs and easing concerns about hospital safety. 
    Speaker: Dr. Mitch Maulfair, Medical Director, AdventHealth; Melissa Marshall, Director of Emergency Services, AdventHealth
    Wednesday, May 6 - Watch Here
    Restarting Winter Park: As Winter Park prepares to go back to work, City Manager Randy Knight and Assistant City Manager Michelle Neuner will join us to discuss the process, tell us more about the much-welcome Mother’s Day festivities on Park Avenue and take your questions.
    Speaker: City Manager Randy Knight and Assistant City Manager Michelle Neuner
    Tuesday, May 5 - Watch Here
                                   Slide Deck
    What building and business owners should do to prepare for reopening
    Speaker: Rob Supertino. President, All American Water Restoration, Inc.
    Monday, May 4 - Watch Here
                               Slide Deck
    Preparing for Your Employees’ Return to Work: Legal Requirements and Best Practices in a COVID-19 World
    Speaker: Mark Van Valkenburgh, Managing Attorney, Mark L. Van Valkenburgh, PLLC
    Friday, May 1 – Watch Here
    Presented by AdventHealth
    Good Morning Winter Park - Building stress resilience during trying times: Mental health expert Dan Marcone share strategies and advice for coping with the inevitable anxiety and depression that are directly related to the current pandemic, including the isolation of social distancing, and the fear and worry about health, jobs, finances and the future.
    Speaker: Dan Marcone, LMHC Owner, Seasons Counseling Orlando
    Thursday, April 30 - Watch Here
    How the Pandemic Has Affected the Current Market for Real Estate and Closings: 
    How has the pandemic affected the real estate market? Jessica Kendrick, attorney with Kendrick Law Group and Champion Title & Closing, weighs in on the current state of real estate and the forecast for the future.
    Speaker: Jessica Kendrick, Attorney, Kendrick Law Group
    Wednesday, April 29 - Watch Here
    Virtual Fashion Show with Top Winter Park Stores: Join Winter Park’s top style makers as they stage a virtual fashion show to help us get ready for summer and find great local gifts for Mother’s Day and graduation. Tuni, The Grove, Frank, Forema and Siegel’s will showcase the best looks for spring and summer and the best gift ideas.
    Forema Boutique                                                                 Frank.                                                                        The Grove
    Website: http://www.shopforema.com/                                   Website: https://www.frankshopwp.com/                      Website: https://thegrovewp.com/ 
    Instagram: foremaboutique                                                    Instagram: shopatfrank                                                Use Code: SHOPSMALL
                                                                                                                                                                                     Instagram: thegrovewp
    Siegel’s Winter Park                                                            Tuni
    Website: Siegelsonline.com                                                  Website: https://www.shoptuni.com/
    Email: info@siegelclothing.com                                             Instagram: shoptuni
    Instagram: siegelswinterpark                     
    Tuesday, April 28 - Watch Here
    An interview with the Mayor: 
    Winter Park Mayor Steve Leary joins Chamber CEO/President Betsy Gardner Eckbert for a Q&A session covering our city’s most pressing issues as Florida begins to reopen and assesses the economic fallout.
    Speaker: Steve Leary, Mayor, City of Winter Park
    Monday, April 27 - Watch Here
    Reopening Winter Park - Who is Deciding Our Future?: A government affairs overview of federal, state and local responses to COVID-19.
    Speaker: Robin Swann, Director of Government Affairs, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
    Thursday, April 23 - No Recording Available
    HR Management During the Pandemic: 
    Join us and hear from Seawright & Associates as they answer questions relating to leaves of absence for employees who report that they may have been exposed to COVID, when the new emergency paid sick leave is applicable, the difference between a furlough and a layoff and what to do if an employee reports that he or she contracted COVID.
    Speaker: Jean L. Seawright, Certified Management Consultant, Seawright & Associates
    Wednesday, April 22 - Watch Here
    “Beyond the Brand” - Sharing Kendra Scott’s Story and how she built a company that sees the good within ourselves and our customers: Jewelry Design Trendsetter and Philanthropic Powerhouse, Kendra Scott has new initiatives to give back to our communities facing unprecedented challenges. Join us as we learn about them from the Southeast Senior Manager, Katie Pluto. 
    Speaker: Katie Pluto, Senior Store Manager – Southeast, Kendra Scott
    Tuesday, April 21 - Watch Here
                                   Financial Health Assessment 
    Navigating Uncharted Waters During a Period of Hyper-Change: We are all faced with the challenge of responding to “hyper change”. This webinar will provide fiscal and financial strategies and guidance for nonprofit leaders and their organizations during this time of uncertainty. When and how should you protect your organization’s assets? How best to position financial resource utilization during a hyper change period until “true” recovery begins.
    Speaker: A. Michael Gellman, CPA, CGMA, Founding Principal/Shareholder, Fiscal Strategies 4 Nonprofits, LLC – FS4N, Sustainability Education 4 Nonprofits – SE4N
    Monday, April 20 - Watch Here
    Presented by Orlando Health
    Winter Park Professional Women - Tidying Your Shelter While Sheltering in Place: Join us as we learn about best practices and tips on organizing your closets, work-space and pantry. 
    Speaker: Kim Bignon, Owner, Organize U
    Thursday, April 16 - Watch Here
    Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Orange County: Both Disney and Universal, central Florida’s largest employers, have temporarily  closed, employees are furloughed and businesses across many industries are facing unprecedented challenges. Join Sean Snaith, Ph. D., Director, UCF’s Institute for Economic Forecasting as he discusses the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Orange County and what we can expect as we enter recovery.
    Speaker: Sean Snaith, Ph. D., Director, UCF’s Institute for Economic Forecasting 
    Wednesday, April 15 - Watch Here
    Accounting and Tax Impacts of the CARES Act and SBA Loan Programs: How exactly will the CARES Act and SBA loan programs impact your accounting and tax procedures? Join us to learn about the latest updates and intel on the CARES act and the SBA loan programs from the experts at WithumSmith+Brown, PC.
    Speakers: Dennis Boo, Partner, WithumSmith+Brown, PC;  Lena G. Combs, Partner, WithumSmith+Brown, PC
    Tuesday, April 14 - Watch Here
    Relaunch Q&A: "Relaunch: Career Reentry For Professional Women" is for any woman who has taken a career break and wants to build her resume, confidence and network through a curriculum that covers everything from getting the most out of LinkedIn to building your personal brand.
    Join us for a Relaunch Q&A with Betsy Gardner Eckbert, President/CEO of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce. What is Relaunch? What topics are covered? Am I a good candidate? We will address these questions and more during this interactive webinar.
    Speaker: Betsy Gardner Eckbert, President & CEO, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
    Monday, April 13 - Watch Here
    Permission to Play: Lessons for a Pandemic from Improv Comedy: We’re navigating some heavy stuff these days. Take a breather with Chelsea Hilend, who manages patron services at the Annie Russell Theatre at Rollins College, and teaches and performs at SAK Comedy Lab. She’ll share tricks for managing your mindset from the world of improv theatre.
    Speaker: Chelsea Hilend, Annie Russell Theatre and SAK Comedy Lab


    Thursday, April 9 - Watch Here

    Navigating the Landlord/Tenant Environment in the Era of COVID-19: The challenge of having the funds to pay rent is an immediate and growing problem for many Winter Park businesses. Join us as attorney Alexandre M. Mestdagh, Esq., discusses practical options and legal considerations on navigating the tenant/ landlord relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Speaker: Alexandre M. Mestdagh, Esq., Mestdagh, Wall & Hamilton, P.A.

    Wednesday, April 8 - Watch Here

    COVID-19 Q&A with a Chief Medical Officer: Join us as we interview an AdventHealth Chief Medical Officer on the front lines and learn about what the disease is really like, when and how to seek medical care if you have symptoms and what we need to do to protect ourselves.
    Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Keehbauch, AdventHealth


    Tuesday, April 7 - Watch Here

    What the CARES Act Means for You (Part 2): U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy joins us to better explain what the $2 trillion federal stimulus package means for Floridians. Who is eligible, how soon will checks arrive and what do you need to do?
    Speaker: U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy
    As mentioned during the webinar, the best ways to contact Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy’s office is their toll free number, 888.504.5421 or send an email at murphy.house.gov/contact. Congresswoman Murphy’s Chief of Staff can be contacted directly at brad.howard@mail.house.gov and District Director, Lauren Allen can be contacted at lauren.allen1@mail.house.gov. There is also extensive information available on their website at murphy.house.gov/coronavirus


    Monday, April 6 - Watch Here 

                                Click here for Conversation Card Q's

    Virtual Team Building 101: Explore ways to connect with your team and have some fun through virtual team building activities.  Kyle Roach, organizational team building professional, will share practical tips on creating ways for your team to connect, have fun and laugh together while working from home. You will have the chance to engage in a few activities on this call – be prepared to turn on your video, sound and jump into some fun team building activities.
    Speaker: Kyle Roach, Team Building Facilitator


    Friday, April 3 – Watch Here

    Presented by AdventHealth

    Good Morning Winter Park - Health and Wellbeing During the Pandemic: The Center for Health & Wellbeing, a partnership of the Winter Park Health Foundation and AdventHealth, opened its doors to the public in April of 2019. During this presentation, representatives from the Center’s team will discuss the many programs and services offered designed to optimize the health and wellbeing of the community; they’ll also discuss the new ‘The Daily Well’ initiative,  a virtual village of resources, digital programs and opportunities to connect and commiserate, launched in response to the COVID-19-forced closure of the Center.

    Speakers: Lindsay Kist, Communications Manager, Winter Park Health Foundation; Kate Stone, Welcome Desk Lead, Center For Health & Wellbeing; Sara Wright, Wellbeing Guide, Center For Health & Wellbeing


    Thursday, April 2 – Watch Here

                                    CARES Act PPT

    What the CARES Act Means for You (Part 1): The $2 trillion CARES Act will soon bring relief to taxpayers and businesses. Find out what the payments and programs can do for you and your business.

    Speaker: Brince Manning, Manager, Congressional and Public Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


    Wednesday, April 1 – Watch Here

    Staying Connected in a Time of Social Distancing: Connecting socially is important for our overall wellbeing. While we are encouraged to stay at home and limit physical social interactions, there are many ways to engage with our family members, coworkers, neighbors and friends. Join us today to hear from Angela Katsur, professional event planner, who will discuss innovative, fun and interesting ways to connect and celebrate throughout these challenging times.

    Speaker: Angela Katsur, Angela Katsur Events; Amie Morgan, Associate Vice President of Programs, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce; Tiffany Cahill, Events Manager, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce


    Tuesday, March 31 - Watch Here

    Pivoting Your Business to Create Revenue: Businesses across all industries have been forced to find ways to pivot quickly over the last few weeks. Join us as we explore best practices from several local businesses that have successfully identified customer needs and generated revenue through new offerings.

    Speakers: Mark Leggett, President, Arthur’s Catering; Tim Noelke, Operating Partner, Park Lights Hospitality



    Monday, March 30 – Watch Here

                                     Webinar Summary

    Adapting Your Business During the Pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses across all sectors to adapt to new working environments, navigate restrictions and assess evolving customer needs at a very rapid pace. On this webinar, Betsy Gardner Eckbert will share how the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce team is adapting to best serve our members during this challenging time. Gain an understanding of WPCC business resources and gather tips on how to manage your teams, workflows and business offerings during the constantly evolving environment.

    Speaker: Betsy Gardner Eckbert, President & CEO, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce



    Friday, March 27 – Watch Here

                                   Sandler Training PPT

                                   WIM Builder, SWOT, Pre-Call Planner, 30-Second Commercial Creator

    Presented by Beyond Commercial and Forward Law Firm

    How to Succeed at Managing Your Team Remotely: Business leaders and managers need to quickly adapt to a remote workforce. Learn how to successfully navigate the communication, logistical, engagement and productivity challenges.

    Speaker: Mike Aldrich, CEO,  Sandler Sales Training Orlando; Kevin Elliot, VP of Operations, Sandler Sales Training Orlando



    Thursday, March 26 – Watch Here

                                        Cyber Security PPT

    Cyber Security for A Newly Remote Workforce: Working from home can put companies at a huge risk for a wide range of security threats. Cybersecurity experts will advise us on how businesses and employees can mitigate these risks.

    Speaker: Keith Coker, President / Partner, OrLANtech. Inc



    Wednesday, March 25 – Watch Here 

                                            Webinar Summary

                                            Executive Order


    What the Stay at Home Order Means for You: Orange County has ordered all county residents to shelter in place.  What does that mean for our residents and our businesses? Learn what the closures encompass and how to navigate these changes.

    Speakers: Betsy Gardner Eckbert, President & CEO, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, Dylan Schott, Assistant Orange County Attorney  

    Tuesday, March 24 - Watch Here   
                                       Webinar Summary
                                       Mike Myhre PPT, Mike DiNapoli PPT, Carolyn Skog PPT
    Emergency Small Business Loans
    Speakers: Representative Anna Eskamani, Ken Lawson, Mike DiNapoli, Mike Myhre, Carolyn Skog


    Monday, March 23 - No Recording Available
                                      Webinar Summary
    Curbside Restaurants Best Practices 
    Speaker: Holly Ratliff, VP of Marketing, Sixty Vines



    We have named Shirley Willsey the Chamber’s Community Care Coordinator. She will be gathering information about community needs and available resources to help. You can reach her at wpcc@winterpark.org and at 407-644-8282.  



    Interested in join our Speakers Bureau? Click here.