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    When you visit our office in Winter Park, your smile is our top priority. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.

    Part of our commitment to serving our patients includes providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs. This website is a resource we hope you’ll find both useful and interesting.

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    Rep/Contact Info

    Ms. Amy Alvarado Plank
    Ms. Jaeann Ashton
    Marketing Manager
    Mr. Isaac Babcock
    Managing Editor
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Ms. Angela Bannatyne
    Medical Sales Specialist
    Ms. Melissa Barry
    Ms. Gina Berko-Solomon
    Chief Development Officer
    Ms. Farah Bloom
    Real Estate Professional-Realtor
    Mr. Jeffrey Broomell
    Dr. Bob Bushong
    East Central District Superintendent
    Ms. Heather Caldwell
    Drew Caneza
    Ms. Janet Caramello
    Donald Carbone
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    Pilar Carvajal
    Mr. John Casebier
    SVP - Sr. Commercial Banker
    Mr. Steven Castino
    Principal / Owner
    Mr. Andrew Celauro
    Ms. Allison Chandler
    Development Director
    Elise Ciungan
    Ms. Erin Collier-Plummer
    Ms. Lena Combs
    Ms. Maria Competelli
    Promotions and Activation Coordinator
    Ms. Phyllis Corkum
    Grants Manager
    • Phone: (407) 647-4322 EXT. 17
    • Fax: (407) 647-7716
    Ms. Tracy L. Craft
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Mr. Tim Davenport
    Ms. Robynn Demar
    Executive Director
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    Mr. Jeremy DiGorio
    Associate VP for Budget/Financial Planning
    Ms. Jacqueline Dudgeon
    Head Teller
    • Phone: (407) 831-1443
    Dr. Susan Dunn
    Manager, Credit Programs
    Mr. Thomas Eastwood
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Ms. Jackie Ellis
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Mr. Michael Elsberry
    Shareholder Emeritus
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Mr. Garret Fields
    Financial Planner
    Ms. Tris Filliez
    Vice President
    Erin Flowers
    Business Accounts Consultant
    Ms. Sarah Genovese
    Ms. Pamela Ghezzi
    Certified Wealth Strategist
    Mr. William Wallace Gleason II
    Mr. Brett Gourlay
    Ms. Melodie Griffin
    Mr. Mike Haye
    Ms. Jill Healey
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    Ms. Debra Hendrickson
    Business Development
    Mr. Brad Hester
    Ms. Jessica Hetherington
    Life/Confidence Coach
    Mr. John Holland
    Director of Parks & Recreation
    • Phone: (407) 599-3334
    • Fax: (407) 599-3454
    Ms. Julie Howe
    Corporate Director of Human Resources
    • Phone: (407) 775-2100
    Ms. Celina Ingargiola
    Account Manager, Events & Entertainment
    • Phone: (407) 571-4522
    Mr. Justin Ingram
    Sales Account Executive
    • Phone: (407) 599-6528
    Mr. Andrew Jenkins
    Senior Administrator
    Ms. Katherine Keller
    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Mr. David Kingsford
    Employee Benefits Consultant
    Ms. Sally Kopke
    • Phone: (407) 230-5982
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    Mr. Jacob Mathew Kuzman
    Branch Manager
    Mr. Michael Lergier
    Operations Manager
    Daniel Lundin
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    Mr. Jesse E. Martinez
    General Manager
    Ms. Tia Masek
    Dr. Michele McArdle
    Executive Dean
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Ms. Leslie McClelland
    Marketing & Recruitment Director
    Ms. Camri McCormick
    Sean McDermott
    Windward Consulting Group - President & CEO
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    Ms. Allison McGillis
    Mr. David McKnight Sr.
    Move - In Coordinator
    • Phone: (407) 672-1620
    • Fax: (407) 671-6336
    Ms. Megan Meredith
    Marketing Director
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    Meredith Meyers
    Ms. Mikayla Miller
    Community Outreach Librarian
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    Mr. Drew Nasrallah
    President of Commercial Real Estate Solutions
    Theresa Nowotny
    Accounting Director
    Mr. Bud Oliver
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Ms. Andrea Amhazi Otero
    Community Outreach & Communications
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    • Fax: (407) 836-2269
    Mr. Thomas Ott
    Ms. Betsy Owens
    Director of Marketing & Communication
    Ms. Rosemarie Palmer
    Nursing Operations Manager
    Ms. Laura Parkins
    District Sales Manager
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    Ms. Norah Perez
    Director of Experiential Learning
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    Ms. Tiffany Petkov
    Ms. Frances Portalatin
    AVP - Relationship Manager
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Ms. Karla Radka
    Mr. Lance A. Ragland
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Mr. Alan Ricafort
    Audit Manager
    Ms. Patsy Rice
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Ms. Tracy Sanchez
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Mr. Marco Santoro
    Senior Vice President/Regional Manager
    • Phone: (407) 428-3044
    Ms. Shawn Shaffer
    Executive Director
    • Phone: (407) 623-3300
    Mr. Dean Shaheen
    Sr. Vice President
    Mrs. Beth Smith
    Ms. Mille Sorger
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Ms. Melinda Stewart
    Wealth Management Advisor,CFP,CIMA,CRPC
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Mr. Lee Stolar
    Senior Accountant
    Ms. Victoria Tam
    Marketing & Communications
    Ms. Trae Terry
    Residential Mortgage Officer
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Ms. Shelley Dilling Thompson
    Commercial Banking
    Mr. Matthew Vegter
    Commercial Lender
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    Mr. Rich Wagner
    Director of Roofing
    Ms. Shannon Faith Walsh
    Executive Director, Management & Exec Ed
    Mr. Douglas Weiner
    SVP / Homebuilder Finance
    Mr. Eric Werrenrath Esq.
    Ms. Lisa Willis
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
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    Ms. Debi Winderweedle
    Hygiene and Office Marketing Coordinator
    Ms. Jennifer Wolf
    Ms. Paula Zahn
    • Phone: (407) 644-8281
    Mr. Phillip Zeman
    Commercial Banker