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    Kula for Karma is the pioneer in supporting mental health with medically-backed mindfulness practices. Our programs are expertly designed to address trauma, addiction, and mental health as we work to make mental health the next human right and solve our national mental health crisis.
    Since 2007, we’ve met people where they are: Hospital systems, schools, addiction treatment centers, prisons, youth detention, crisis centers, and the front lines for first responders. As innovate leaders in the mental and behavioral health arenas, Kula for Karma helps people develop skills for cultivating inner resources and resilience in times of stress or crisis, and in response to trauma. Our programs are built on science-backed data that shows mindfulness practices are one of the most effective ways to address and improve mental health.
    Kula for Karma offers mindfulness classes fully customized for specific groups of people in specific spaces and curates the classes with accessible gentle and restorative yoga postures, guided meditations, and breathing exercises. Dharma talks set a meaningful theme or topic for each class that allows the participants to explore how to support their own mental health for the long term. Our goal is to make mental healthcare accessible, equitable, affordable and effective for all.

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    Ms. Alberta Dering
    Director of Development