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    To be a changemaker requires a bold vision. Meta Humans founder Philippe Tassin’s vision for a supplemental learning experience is a dynamic, immersive, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) academy that aims to change how and what kids learn. Tassin wanted to create an in-person education center where members are empowered to achieve their own personal best destiny.
    The Meta Humans center features exclusive learning environments (zones) that include the “Factory” where members learn about entrepreneurship by running a real business: design, prototyping, production, sales, customer service, marketing, branding, accounting, project management and governance; the “Manga Shop” a private room for meetings, games, podcasting or tutoring; the “Arena” where members join a tribe and work on monthly projects to solve real-life challenges; the “Lounge” – designed to look like an old tea factory – where older members and teens can socialize, study, collaborate and play; and ”R2OTZ”, an e-sports gaming arena that also offers simulation, game development and cybersecurity certification. 
    Available daily for summer camps and for birthday parties, Meta Humans caters to traditional and homeschooled students aged 7-17 with the goal of developing real world skills for 21st century success. STEAM skills are the focus, but the collaborative process also gives students problem solving and teamwork experience that is also essential. Tassin tapped MacArthur Fellow Shawn Carlson, PhD., to develop the extensive science curriculum. Carlson, a physicist and science educator, is incredibly passionate about Meta Humans and the impact it will have on students.
    Carlson, who is the Director of Education at Meta Humans, relayed to Tassin that the curriculum and overall outcome will be his legacy. That’s saying quite a lot considering Carlson’s already impressive accomplishments. Tassin, who holds advanced degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, is himself a passionate advocate of science education and developing students to their highest potential. 
    His entrepreneurial journey was highly influenced by his late wife Erika Betancourt, who was a U.S. Navy officer with a distinguished career. Her passion for pushing boundaries and rising to meet challenges are integral parts of the Meta Humans philosophy. The couple built the business model together prior to her passing. Meta Humans will be a part of her legacy too. Tassin envisions franchising Meta Humans so it can reach students across the country. 

    The program offers flexible memberships that start at under $50 per week and include full-day access (on scheduled days), free birthday parties, homeschool and homework help, discounted summer camps, clubs and open Saturdays, peer tutoring and affordable professional tutoring.  The technology and resources available are simply incomparable to anything else that is readily accessible locally: 3D printing, laser engraving, photo/video studio, Esports, electronics, software development, hydroponics and even a mini-Biota, a self-contained ecosystem with its flora and fauna that members will be responsible for maintaining. The team is developing an aeronautics program with guidance from a flight instructor and commercial pilot. “Carlson also curated and packaged over 75 science fair projects that the kids can work on, such as taking pictures of the brains of ants,” says Tassin.

    “We’re curating real-life problems. Each month has a new theme and a project our members have to work on. Weekly workshops complement that theme and help open our students’ minds.  During our Moon Base Theme for example, members might solve challenges like radiation management, water treatment, mental health or food production in space. They are given the resources and equipment to solve their problem and work on their project. "Our educators are here to help, but members have to figure things out collaboratively,” says Tassin. 

    The reality that girls traditionally have less interest in STEM-based curriculum and careers is one of the challenges Tassin wants to tackle, and he’s exploring ways to help engage girls. He believes that by providing purpose and real-life opportunities instead of teaching to the tools, students will want to learn to use technology. Students can design and make their own clothing brand for instance. He also believes that female students traditionally are more drawn to mission-driven projects. Starting a nonprofit that can benefit others is an example he gives. Tassin says Meta Humans is a place that can help a student do that and teach them how to build a website for that nonprofit. 

    Taking a tour of Meta Humans is the best way to really explore all that it offers. Meta Humans, located at 2175 Aloma Ave., is offering free discovery sessions weekly. To reserve your spot, visit winterpark.metahumans.com 

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