• Member Spotlight - Victory Cup Initiative

  • Member Spotlight - Victory Cup Initiative

    Nonprofit organizations have the daunting task of finding and securing the resources to help an endless stream of deserving individuals. Nonprofit leaders will tell you that the number of people in need always surpasses their available resources, therefore raising funds, creating awareness and recruiting volunteers is endlessly critical. Being good at it requires being good at telling the story of your organization in a way that resonates with the intended audience to motivate them to action. 

    The Victory Cup Initiative helps these nonprofit organizations by teaching them how to tell their story more effectively to build awareness and be more successful when making a pitch for donations and volunteers. Ten nonprofits are selected annually to participate in storytelling training and then share their story at the Storytelling Showcase, where an audience of hundreds listens and votes on the best pitch. The top three winners are announced, but all 10 finalists receive a cash award ranging from $1,000 to $20,000. Often, they receive additional donations from members of the audience and business and community leaders, who are moved and inspired by the work these charities are doing to help our community. 

    Like most events this past year, The Victory Cup 2021 Storytelling Showcase had to pivot from its traditional model of a large gathering of 500 plus attendees. Instead it was celebrated on Feb. 24 at smaller watch parties with social distancing and limited capacity restrictions, but also via virtual attendance for anyone who bought a ticket and participated from home. Full Sail University hosted the virtual event from their digital fortress, and streamed it live. Each finalist is given 2.5 minutes to make their pitch. The stories are captivating and sometimes so visually descriptive that you can picture yourself sitting in the car of the mom and three kids who are newly homeless, missing the comfort of hallways to run and play in and a kitchen to cook dinner in, and feel the fear, sadness and anxiety creeping in as they succumb to their stark new reality. 
    Victory Cup Initiative Founder and Executive Director Ashley Vann
    “There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to hear their stories, who want to get involved and help, but they don’t know how,” says Victory Cup Initiative Founder and Executive Director Ashley Vann. She founded Victory Cup with the idea of bringing together the nonprofit sector with the corporate sector at a big exciting event where these nonprofits get to share their stories and talk about the important work they are doing. 

    This year’s top 10 finalists are: The Adult Literacy League, Central Florida Community Arts, Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras, Foundation for Foster Children, Grace Medical Home, Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation, Lighthouse Works, OCA Opportunity Community Ability, The Sharing Center and Winter Park Day Nursery. The top three winners were Foundation for Foster Children, OCA and Grace Medical Home.

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