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  • Best Nest

    Inspiration and opportunity coincided at the right time for husband and wife team Kelsey and Trevor Brown. The duo launched Best Nest Home Management Solutions in the fall of 2020, offering three key spheres of service to homeowners: 1. Home Watch Program, 2. Home Maintenance Plan, 3. Project Management. Best Nest is geared toward second homeowners, busy homeowners with limited time, anyone who is traveling away from home, and homeowners with limited experience who want someone to provide expertise and trusted resources for home maintenance or renovation. 

    Their services range from curb appeal design consultation to complete service management for your home. After renovating two of their own homes and then becoming a resource for friends and neighbors on various service providers, they realized there was a niche market that needed filling. Trevor, a licensed realtor, and Kelsey, who holds a master's degree in hospitality management from UCF, have combined their professional skills and experience to create a successful small business that is in demand. "So many of our clients have said, I wish I had know about you sooner," says Kelsey. She shares that the number of second-home owners in Central Florida has grown tremendously in the past couple of years.

    Some insurance companies won't write policies for those properties unless the owners have contracted with a property maintenance company. One of their clients is spending six months of the year on their boat, so Best Nest regularly checks on the property with their 40-point checklist to ensure everything is in working order without any accidental damage, such as leaks, broken sprinklers, full gutters, a/c failure, etc. They also offer their home watch program for short-term vacations or absences.

    With their home maintenance plan, they will inventory all appliances, mechanical equipment, record serial numbers and warranty information, and create a customized maintenance plan, sending detailed monthly service requirement lists to clients. Some clients manage the lists on their own and some hire Best Nest to facilitate it. Their fee structure varies depending on the service. When it comes to service providers, contractors and renovation projects, the duo has a curated list of local providers who have earned their way into their network. Clients can feel reassured they are working with reliable, insured, licensed and trusted providers.

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