• New Winter Park Chamber Map


    The Chamber is revolutionizing the Winter Park map we give to over 15,000 guests each year to help them find their way to your businesses and cultural institutions. We know you will not want to miss being a part of what is both a traditional print product but more importantly, something of a digital scavenger hunt.

    We are excited to share that we are adding Instagrammable sites in Winter Park to the map, giving our guests multi-dimensional destination information to maximize their experience. We have more shopping and dining opportunities than ever before, and we are excited to offer this integrated layering of digital and print collaboration.

    This highly experiential approach is designed to enhance the adventure as locals and visitors alike explore all that Winter Park – and you – have to offer.

    Please let us know if you are interested in being included as a Best Instagrammable site. Pricing and other information follows.



  • Inclusion on map: $95
    Designation as a Best Instagrammable site: $500