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    1422 Miller Avenue
    Winter Park, FL 32789
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    12 noon - 9pm Eastern Standard Time
    • About

      Throughout the world people are looking for answers in a spiritual manner to handle the many ills that challenges their well-being. People are afraid; no matter if the fear stems from political, or economic problems; or from physical, mental or social issues. Individuals and groups throughout the world are crying for answers. They look for solutions through astrological signs, metaphysical thought, new age spirituality and traditional religion. But, very few can openly, clearly and honestly state—that they are at peace; except for the charlatans and false prophets who are exploiting the weak and confused for personal game. The seekers of truth and peace are left with doubt and uncertainty.Society as a whole has been bought up on the tenants of their elders in which one is told to remain positive but even this can be such a hard thing to maintain if one understands the true impact of a negatively spiritual state. The natural world around us is derived from the divine law of balance suggesting the work of a much higher consciousness than ourselves, an architect, a designer, a Creator. As the body falls in line with the disposition of the human spirit, it is integral we aim to reach a state of balance within ourselves and only then can peace truly be achieved.

    • Whom to Contact

      • Ms. Waheeda Manji
        Spiritual Health Consultant
        Phone: (407) 779-3119
      • Isa White Muhamed
        Phone: (407) 779-3119
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      First Congretional Church, Winter Park Thursdays 7pm-8pm