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    At Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center, we protect your natural features and beauty as if they were our own. With locations across Michigan and SouthWest Florida, including Winter Park/Orlando, we’re here to help you showcase your natural beauty and unique style.
    We specialize in offering state of the art treatments and techniques for refreshing your appearance or looking younger. Established in 2001 by Dr. Gustav Lo and Courtney Lo, CSLC provides Botox, Dysport, fillers, liposuction, facials, IPL, laser resurfacing, Morpheus8, Ultherapy, laser hair removal, Coolsculpting & more. Consultations are always complimentary and used to focus on personalized treatment plans to achieve our patients' goals.
    Ready to feel like yourself again? How about slowing down aging? Or preventing osteoporosis or Alzheimers? RegenCen, our regenerative medicine division, offers bioidentical hormones, NAD+, IV therapy, platelet rich fibrin, and many more medically proven anti-aging remedies. At RegenCen, we’re dedicated to helping you extend your healthspan - because living better means living longer.