• City of Winter Park

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    Rep/Contact Info

    Lt. Jon Askins
    Watch Commander, Police Dept
    • Phone: (407) 599-3365
    • Fax: (407) 599-3314
    Mr. Troy Attaway
    Director of Public Works
    Ms. Vanessa A. Balta Cook
    Sustainability & Permitting Planner
    Ms. Michelle Bernstein
    Ms. Cindy Bonham
    City Clerk
    Ms. Kim Breland
    Senior Staff Assistant
    Mr. Jeffrey Briggs
    Dir of Planning & Community Development
    Ms. Carolyn Cooper
    City Commissioner
    Mr. Michael Deal
    Police Chief
    Ms. Michelle del Valle Neuner
    Assistant City Manager
    Dru Dennison
    Registered Forester, Manager
    Ms. Stephanie J. Ecochardt
    Administrative Coordinator
    Ms. Juanita Grant
    Executive Assistant /City Mgr's Office
    Mr. Dan Hagedorn
    Fire Chief
    Mr. Wes Hamil
    Mr. John Holland
    Director of Parks & Recreation
    • Phone: (407) 599-3334
    • Fax: (407) 599-3454
    Mr. Terry Hotard
    Electric Utilities Customer Relations
    • Phone: (407) 599-3234
    • Fax: (407) 599-3436
    Ms. Clarissa Howard
    Director of Communications
    Mr. Randy Knight
    City Manager
    Mr. Steven Leary
    Jen Maier
    Procurement Manager
    Mr. Donald Marcotte
    Asst Dr. of Public Works/City Engineer
    Sgt. Pamela Marcum
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    Ms. Allison McGillis
    Senior Planner
    Mr. Tom McMacken
    City Commissioner
    • Phone: (407) 599-3234
    • Fax: (407) 599-3436
    Mr. Johnny Miller
    Special Events Coordinator
    Ms. Brenda Moody
    Asst. Director of Parks & Recreation
    Mr. Peter Moore
    Asst. Mgr. Community Redevelopment Agenc
    Mr. Ron Moore
    Asst. Dir. of Parks & Recreation
    Ms. Laura Neudorffer
    CRA Coordinator
    Mr. Craig O'Neil
    Asst. Director of Communications
    Ms. Wendy Parra
    Recreation Coordinator
    Mr. R. Brent Phillips
    Community Risk Reduction Specialist
    Mr. Brett Railey
    Chief of Police
    • Phone: (407) 599-3272
    • Fax: (407) 599-3314
    Mr. Javier Rodriguez
    Community Services
    Mr. Jason Seeley
    Parks and Rec Director
    Ms. Sarah Sprinkel
    Mr. Bronce Stephenson
    Director of Planning & Community Development
    Ms. Sylvia Wellon-Wooten
    Chief Code Enforcement Officer
    • Phone: (407) 599-3427
    • Fax: (407) 599-3499
    Mr. James White
    Former Fire Chief
    • Phone: (407) 599-3298
    • Fax: (407) 599-3231
    Mr. George Wiggins
    Dir of Buidling & Code Enforcement
    Kristi Wong
    Human Resources Manager
    Mr. David Zusi
    Water & Waste Water Director