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  • 2018 Midterm Election Analysis

  • By Betsy Gardner Eckbert, President/CEO

    The Florida Chamber of Commerce shared a post-election analysis on Friday and its conclusions are interesting and informative. Even with the races for Governor and U.S. Senator unsettled, we can take a look at the overarching efforts and results.

    Florida voters backed all of the statewide Chamber’s candidates, which is good news for our economic future. The Chamber calculates it spent $22 per vote in this election. 

    With 41 percent turnout for Republicans and 39 percent turnout for Democrats and with vote totals still changing as recounts occur, the Chamber views the results as more of a purple wave than a blue wave. 

    Here’s more from the Chamber’s presentation:

    • 61.73 percent turnout among registered voters was almost a record – in 1964, turnout was 64 percent.
    • Changing demographics in Jacksonville and Orlando led to Democrats making significant gains
    • Democrats led in vote-by-mail ballots by .37%
    • Voting habits are changing: Those who early voted, voted by mail and voted at the polls on Election Day were even at 33 percent each.

    We’ll continue to keep you updated on election news and trends as part of our outreach to you.







  • 3 Questions with Florida House District 47 Candidates

  • The Winter Park Chamber of Commerce's 3 Questions Platform is a forum to learn more about candidates running for elections in Winter Park. Join us as we ask three questions for the Florida House District 47 candidates, Anna Eskamani and Stockton Reeves. Learn about their positions and hear from them in their own words. 

    The videos are listed below in alphabetical order.

    Videos produced by Sasso Media Group.



  • City Parking and Development Updates

    July 9, 2018

  • The Planning and Zoning Board will hold a community meeting on July 17that 6:00 PM at the Winter Park Welcome Center (home of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce). This information session is for property owners who may be affected by the parking code changes in the Central Business District, Hannibal Square, and Orange Avenue, as well as the general public. Based on the Kimley Horn study and best management practices, options will be considered as part of a modernized code for the City of Winter Park.  Our Parking Code has not been updated in over 40 years. Modernizing the code will allow development that reflects contemporary property use. Further parking code modernization options are available here. 

    Additionally, the City of Winter Park will be hosting a public hearing to discuss plans for the expansion of the Alfond Inn. Join us at City Hall on September 11th at 6:00 PM for this important Planning and Zoning Hearing. 

    For additional information please visit the City’s website here. 



  • Government Affairs Updates

    March 27, 2018