• Member Spotlight: Poris Plastic Surgery

  • Member Spotlight: Poris Plastic Surgery

    Member Spotlight: Poris Plastic Surgery

    Florida native Dr. Stephenie Poris is blazing a trail as the founder of the only female-owned and operated plastic surgery practice in Orlando. Combining her talent as a successful surgeon and practitioner, plus a calling as an entrepreneur has allowed Poris to create the most elevated experience that she could envision for her patients.
    “I knew I could create something really special if I was in control of my own practice,” says Poris. “I have a killer team. Having the right team that is like-minded in my approach toward patient care was so important to me.”

    After graduating from the University of Florida and Florida State University College of Medicine, she completed her residency at AdventHealth in Orlando and then completed three years of specialty surgical training in plastics in Ohio. Poris knew she wanted to return to Orlando to build a business and raise a family. “My husband and I knew this was home,” she says. She also knew she wanted to start her own practice and says she learned a lot from her dad, who ran his own private dental practice in Melbourne, FL. 

    As for her patient care philosophy, Poris says, “We kind of take the approach of what are the big problems with healthcare and how can we solve them? It’s typically communication and long wait times. We try to alleviate all of those stresses."

    "You are always getting a person on the phone when you call. Every patient gets my personal cell phone if they need it to ask questions or need medical advice. When you make things easy, people are happy. No one wants to struggle. We take our time with patients and give them as much focus as possible. This is really what sets us apart," she says. Poris knows squeezing in more patients might be more lucrative, but she is focused on providing the best care and the optimal experience: “I’m not willing to compromise.”

    “When you come into my office, it’s fun, it’s clean, it’s pretty. My entire staff loves our patients as much as I do, and our patients feel that,” Poris says. Poris Plastic Surgery offers more than just surgical procedures. They also do laser treatments, nonsurgical procedures, skincare and other aesthetic treatments. “We are as holistic of a practice as possible. And we encourage anyone to come visit us anytime to learn about us. No appointment necessary – just drop by to say hello and meet the team,” she says. Poris says she absolutely loves what she does and is very enthusiastic that being able to help her patients and give them back their confidence is truly rewarding.

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