• 2018 World Travel Market - Betsy Gardner Eckbert's Blog (Day 2)

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    From President and CEO Betsy Gardner Eckbert, who is at the World Travel Market in London:

    Winter Park Chamber of Commerce booth at World Travel Market

    World Travel Market continues to offer endless opportunities to take the Winter Park Chamber to the next level of global tourism and branding success. And it’s not just interesting and useful, but truly fascinating.
    Hamish McPharlin, Head of Insight for BBC Global News, shared the relationship between emotions, memories and brand outcomes. In a session titled “Unforgettable Journeys: The Science of Creating Memorable Branded Travel Content,” McPharlin discussed using the Science of Memory to reinforce your brand.
    I also had the opportunity to explore how we can use our data collection process at the Winter Park Welcome Center to tailor our outreach approach to other Western Europe markets, such as Germany, for instance. I met with one of our United Kingdom marketing partners to plan our marketing strategy and refine our social media collaboration. 
    Last night I attended a Visit Florida dinner at the London Guildhall, which dates from 1411. I met with trade partners and influencers and connected with curated travel agents whose clients would naturally be drawn to the upscale offerings of Winter Park. Among others, I had the opportunity to speak with a representative of Purely America – a high-end tour operator focused in part on Central Florida experiences. 
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