Visiting Winter Park

Just north of Orlando, Winter Park offers a departure from the theme parks and tourist corridor of Central Florida. The area is known for its magnificent tree canopy, tranquil chain of lakes and brick paved streets. National Geographic Traveler magazine has recognized the city as one of the world’s top historic destinations, noting “This gracious town manages to retain its reputation as an oasis within the helter-skelter growth of Central Florida. Winter Park’s small downtown has a commercial district with some interesting historic buildings and small businesses. It also has a nice historic residential area. There is a clear sense that this is very much a place where people live, work, go to school – not just a showpiece for tourists.”

Winter Park is home to lush botanical gardens, world-class museums, upscale shops, fine dining restaurants, sidewalk cafes and a plethora of leisure activities including a 9-hole golf course and a scenic boat tour along the tranquil chain of lakes.

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Where to Stay

The Winter Park area has several types of accommodations to suit your needs. Learn more here.

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