Preparing for Hurricane Irma


With the threat of Hurricane Irma growing closer to our shores, the city of Winter Park is preparing for any possible situation. All city emergency departments are fully prepared and on standby for the possibility of Irma’s landfall within the next few days. According to the National Hurricane Center, it is too soon to determine exactly when and at what magnitude Irma will reach the Florida peninsula. However, preparation is still necessary for all as governor Rick Scott has already declared a state of emergency for the entire state.

Residents of Winter Park can receive up to *8* sandbags with proper proof of residency at the Public Works Compound on Howell Branch Road.  Please enter at the east gate closest to Fire Station 64. Pickup times will be Wednesday, September 6, Thursday, September 7 and Friday, September 8 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

An emergency alert system is also available for residents to receive updates on current weather conditions and warnings and any health and safety related alerts:

  • Visit the City of Winter Park website and click on the OUTREACH icon at the bottom right corner of the homepage
  • You can also follow the #IrmaWP on Twitter for current updates

Tips for Hurricane Preparation:

  1. Create an emergency disaster plan to review with your family including possible evacuation routes and communication plans.
  2. Put together a supply kit in an easy to carry container in case of an emergency evacuation. Include necessary documents such as:
    • birth certificates
    • important prescriptions and medications
    • first aid kit
    • extra clothes
    • water
    • non-perishable foods

If you are planning to stay in your home for the storm it is recommended to:

  • board your windows or pull down your hurricane shutters
  • tie down all outside furniture or bring these pieces and potted plants indoors
  • store four quarts of drinkable water for each person in your household per day for at least three days
  • have a three-day supply of non-perishable foods that need little to no cooking or preparation
  • have plenty of flashlights, batteries and candles for the possibility of a power outage
  • purchase a portable phone charger to have a supply of energy for your phone for emergency calls and alerts.

For local businesses, the National Hurricane Survival Initiative has compiled a checklist of important steps to take to protect your property and assets.

  • remove any valuables including electronics
  • secure large pieces of furniture to the wall using studs
  • turn off and unplug all utilities
  • board windows or use hurricane shutters to protect from debris
  • remove all important documents including leases, contracts and tax documents or back them up electronically on a removable drive
  • businesses especially on the lower end of The Avenue should line entrances with sandbags to prevent extensive water damage

Please continue to follow social media as well as news and weather outlets for the latest info on Hurricane Irma. For more in-depth literature on hurricane preparedness for yourself and your loved ones, visit the link to a FEMA booklet.


FEMA Hurricane Guide


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