Chamber Leadership Team Update

Dear Members,

It is a very exciting time at the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce right now!  Having just completed a strategic plan commissioned by our Board of Directors in late 2016, we are in the process of implementing changes that are all designed to create more value and better opportunities for our members.

Erika Spence

Erika Spence

Our new vision is bold.  We are going to work right away to create a home for entrepreneurs, to welcome international guests and investors, to advocate for our partners, to convene discussions on big ideas, and to create new opportunities and connections for our members.  Our strategic plan is the road map we need to become a chamber that is refreshed, relevant and ready for the 21st century needs of our partners.

To get there, we also need the right leadership team and I’m delighted to be a part of that.  Two new pieces of the puzzle fit together this week when we named Erika Spence Vice President and Megan Almasi Senior Director of Programs and Leadership.  These talented  leaders will oversee important pieces of our core business.  Erika will focus on membership engagement, support and advocacy in every aspect of what we do.  Megan will lead our highly successful Leadership Winter Park program to even greater heights by innovating as the marketplace changes all around us.

Megan Almasi

Megan Almasi

You will not find more capable professionals than Erika and Megan and I’m so excited to see all of the passion and commitment that they will bring to our member experience. Do not hesitate to reach them if they can support your business objectives through engagement with the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce.

I am thrilled to partner with you to bring our new Winter Park Chamber to life and look forward to seeing you throughout the year.


Betsy Gardner Eckbert

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