LWP Announces Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations, Tris Filliez!

Tris-volunteer-of-the-year-300x300Our 2015 Leadership Winter Park Volunteer of the Year is someone who truly stands out among all of our amazing volunteers. This person has dedicated countless hours to the organization over the last several years and it is about time she is recognized for it.

She almost missed the start of the program, but thanks to the loving nudge from her daughter who had just completed the Youth Leaders program, she decided to participate. From that moment on it was obvious that her whole heart was infused in Leadership Winter Park. That first year, she helped her class (Class XXII) plan the most successful class project in the history of the program by raising over $20,000 to construct a brand new playground for the children at Coalition for the Homeless.

Not stopping there, she immediately joined the Youth Leaders committee following graduation and in no time found herself in the role of chair for that program. She attended every session day of the two week-long programs and dutifully went through the entire interview process of 80 applicants of the course of three days. This year, when she noticed that Megan Almasi, our program director, was consumed with planning the 25th Anniversary Gala, she quickly stepped up and offered to take on the entire process of scheduling the interviews, finding volunteer interviewers and hosting each interview at her office.

In addition to her assistance with our Youth Leaders program, she also volunteered as a member of the Pancake Breakfast committee. As if arriving in Central Park at 5:00 a.m. is not enough, this year, when we ran out of sausage and toppings, she volunteered to drive to the store to purchase additional supplies. Although she was racing to be somewhere else at the time, she did not hesitate to take action to solve the dilemma at hand.

We could list a million other ways our 2015 Volunteer of the Year steps up – like participating on the Association of Leadership Programs Southeast Conference planning committee, spending her weekend parking cars with us during the Sidewalk Art Festival and always offering up her company box truck whenever we have an event. The simplest way to sum up her commitment and contribution to Leadership Winter Park is in these words: “I can help.”  Those are the words we hear from our Volunteer of the Year for the smallest to most arduous tasks. We are forever grateful for her service, time and talent.

Thank you, Tris!

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