LWP Grads Named Among Winter Park’s Most Influential

The City of Winter Park is abuzz with chatter regarding the recently released Summer 2015 edition of Winter Park Magazine which proudly highlights a special feature – the city’s “Most Influential.” Nineteen pages in the center of the publication reveal striking photos and admirable write-ups of 25 movers and shakers of the community. In the diverse mix of developers, activists, volunteers, businesspeople and educators, 11 shine especially bright as Leadership Winter Park graduates.

The mission of the program is to build leaders and foster community trusteeship – characteristics which these graduates masterfully portray. On behalf of the Leadership Winter Park Alumni Council and the Winter Park Chamber Board of Directors, we would like to extend a huge congratulations to those recognized as the Most Influential in Winter Park. They truly are the ones who make a difference in our community (among many others of course).

Leadership Winter Park participants recognized in the special edition include:

Daniel Butts, Class XVIII – The Insider

Dori Stone, Class XXIII – The Gatekeeper

John Rife, Class XXII – The Epicurean

Patricia Maddox, Class IV – The Caregiver

Rebecca “Becky” Wilson, Class XVI – The Advocate

Debbie Komanski, Class XVII – The Believer

Patrick Chapin, Class XX – The Booster

Susan Skolfield, Class XXIV – The Historian

Lambrine Macejewski, Class XXIV – The Entrepreneur

Mary Daniels, Leadership Legends Class II – The Conscience

Betsy Rogers Owens, Class XXI – The Preservationist

The feature also noted other “movers” in the community which were suggested by the nominating panel who helped to select the Most Influential list. Leadership Winter Park graduates receiving nods on that list were Scott Hillman, Class IV, Sarah Grafton, Class XIX, Sam Stark, Class XIV and Shawn Shaffer, Class XXIV.

Read the full article, including personal profiles, at the Winter Park Magazine website.

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